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Location | Nogales, Arizona

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The Nogales Unified School District is located about an hour south of Tucson in the beautiful mountains of Southern Arizona. The city is the county seat for Santa Cruz County and shares the international border with Nogales-Sonora, its sister city in Mexico.

The Challenge | Hazardous Environments & Cost Issues

All of the student records from 1917 to 2010 were kept in the basement of the first school in Nogales, which was built in 1915. Clearly, this was not an ideal storage location.

Early records were kept on fragile card stock and onion-skin paper, and more modern papers were equally susceptible to water damage. Over the years, plumbing issues had led to several floods in the basement, and mildew was a constant problem. With many Nogales families having members living on both sides of the border, complete and accurate student records must be kept for generations in order to provide documentation for a variety of immigration issues.

Not only were the records in a hazardous environment, but also the department responsible for the archive fell victim to statewide budget cuts. One full-time person was assigned the daily administrative tasks previously shared by four. A solution was needed to preserve nearly a century of records with very little manpower.

Education Document Management

The Solution | Document Management & Scanning Services

ICM delivered the solution with scanning services and a hosted ViewCenter repository. Our team of document conversion experts was able to scan the entire collection of records with minimal handling and without further damage, and with special attention to indexing the data.

The digital documents were loaded into a secure ViewCenter which is a highly secure, easy to use, flexible, web-based system used to store and retrieve documents electronically, in an efficient fashion.

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Key Benefits: Document Management for Nogales USD

  • An electronic (working) copy of all permanent records.
  • Secure student record repository for immigration reference.
  • Eliminates a single point of failure and provides a disaster recovery plan.
  • Provides instant access to these documents without any chance of them being lost or misfiled.
  • Enables Nogales Unified School District to better respond to student and family requests.
  • Reduces required storage space and allows for repurposing of space.
  • Secure like ForteReduction in paper copying, handling, storage and labor costs.
  • Implementation of automatic records retention management.

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