Aerospace & Defense

FAA Compliant Document Control to Maximize Operational Efficiency

With a wealth of experience developing solutions for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) service providers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, commercial airlines, and even flight training academies, ICM understands that document control is truly mission-critical. The reality of paper-based or siloed document control is hangars of filing cabinet or costly off-site storage vulnerable to misfiling or destruction, untenable cycle times and aircraft downtime, auditing nightmares, and even lawsuits. Document Management for Aerospace & Defense can empower your operational document control to safeguard your organization and achieve industry compliancy, produce efficiencies to impact your bottom line and maintain strategic partnerships, and even enable the scalability needed for your business to grow.

ICM’s ViewCenter platform allows you to meet and exceed all requirements of Opspec A025 14 CFR for Electronic Recordkeeping Systems mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), including:

  • Encrypted, segmented access for only authorized personnel
  • Full system traceability for ensuring the quality and integrity of all records and an audit trail of all activities
  • Maintenance, support, and disaster recovery backup measures
  • Electronic authentication, signature, or authorization

Use Cases For Aerospace Document Management Services:

  • Connect your suppliers, clients, etc. with InfoCenter (ICM’s self-service portal module) to quickly and securely share select information from ViewCenter or other sources through a customizable and intuitive interface.

  • Leverage ICM’s Scanning Services for cost-effective, high-quality conversion of all your physical records, whether performed at ICM’s offices or at your facility, to tackle your archive or ongoing day forward needs.

  • Enable high-volume scanning internally with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) form recognition technology for standardardized documents such as Travelers, FAI, Work Orders, C of C, and 8130 with ScanCenter (ICM’s paper scanning module).

  • Utilize ICM’s Data Management Services for project consulting or as a cost-effective and scalable extension of your workforce – on-site or remote as appropriate – in lieu of hiring additional FTEs or having to de-prioritize other important projects.

  • Adopt ViewCenter across all your departments and business units to scale into an enterprise document management solution.

  • Convert your operational forms into born-digital web forms with configurations like validation rules, eSignatures, and document attachments for upload directly into ViewCenter with our FormsCenter module.

  • With ICM’s Systems Integration Services, bridge a true ecosystem across your line of business systems (ERP, PDM, CRM, etc.) by keeping data in sync automatically, enhancing business processes, and image-enabling your applications to get more done with less windows open.

  • While our product suite is flexible and modular for all kinds of challenges, ICM’s Custom Software Development staff can build workflow enhancements to our tools, or entire business applications from the ground up, tailored to your unique needs.