Electronic Forms

Optimize Your Business With a User-Friendly E Forms Builder

ICM’s electronic forms builder can create a data collection that has never been faster or easier. Electronic forms combines a web-based drag-and-drop form building front end with a field and attachment mapping tool, with seamless delivery directly to your ViewCenter as a highly formatted PDF document.

Your electronic forms can be configured to include various widgets to enhance their functionality. Standard field types include text fields, drop-down lists, date pickers and many more. File attachments, electronic signatures, and payment processing tools can also be added to your published forms to provide further automation.

It integrates with your mobile devices to enable off-line data entry. Once you have an internet connection, all of your electronic forms will be synched directly to the ViewCenter. It can even be configured to run in a kiosk mode to allow multiple users to create submissions without having to relaunch the form each time.

electronic forms

ICM's FormsCenter Electronic Forms Builder Features at a Glance

  • Drag and Drop Web Form Builder
  • Optional HIPAA Compliance
  • Configurable Form Fields
  • Optional Validation Rules
  • Optional Offline Fillable PDF
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Payment Processing Integration
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Kiosk Submission Mode
  • Field and Attachment Mapping
  • Use Your Existing Form Templates
  • Direct Integration With ViewCenter

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