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Ascent Aviation Services is a Class IV 14 CFR Part 145 certified operation specializing in every aspect of aircraft maintenance for the service life of your fleet. Narrow and wide body, small to large, regional to long-haul aircraft. Complete with one of the largest storage and reclamation operations in the world.

Document Management for Ascent Aviation

The Challenge | File Storage with Easy & Secure Access

Aircraft heavy maintenance projects can generate in excess of 3,000 work records for a single project. Working on three or four aircraft at any given time, & operating in a heavily-regulated & mission-critical industry, Ascent Aviation Services asked ICM to help them solve several challenges.

Ascent Aviation Services needed a document management solution to digitize, organize, validate, & distribute thousands of FAA Certified Records. In addition, the solution needed to integrate with Ascent’s existing ERP system for the update & validation portions of the maintenance process. Once logged in to the system, users needed to be able to compile customer aircraft work order packets (maintenance records) & securely share those files globally.

“The ICM ViewCenter saves time & expedites the invoicing process that in turn helps keep cash flowing in for accounts receivable.”

Carl Shultz, Vice President of Finance | Ascent Aviation Services

The Solution | Document Management for Ascent Aviation

ICM’s resident team of IT subject matter experts implemented the ViewCenter document management software & integrated our solution with Ascent’s existing ERP for records updates and validation.

With ViewCenter in place, Ascent Aviation Services’ customers are assigned a unique login and password which allows them to view all documents associated with specific projects and work orders assigned to them.

“With ICM’s ViewCenter our clients have immediate, easy, & secured access to their digitized repair records in real-time. This saves time & money & eliminates the dangers associated with having multiple uncontrolled copies of important documents.”

Sue Acuna, Director of IT | Ascent Aviation Services

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Key Results: Document Management for Ascent Aviation

  • Disaster Recovery for previously paper documents critical to operations in order to avoid grounding of millions of dollars in planes & equipment.
  • Document & content management solution that complies with FAA document retention regulations & laws.
  • Export & share work order maintenance records with Ascent clients through the web-based ViewCenter interface.
  • Repeatable scanning process for aircraft maintenance records that meets high standards of quality assurance.
  • Streamlined process for creating & updating documents & content while enforcing version control & access permissions.
  • Online access to the entire history of maintenance performed in one centralized, secure & controlled repository.

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